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Throwback Thursday; Craig Carse

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Recruiting the student athlete recruiting in the community to understand the direction in where we want to go this is the Montana state billings program, this is the city of billings program and it's the state of Montana's program and to really project an image to succeed

"How do you utilize your contacts outside of the state to help your program?'

Well i think some of my strengths are my contacts because of the basketball academy where i work, it's a who's who, working at LSU and Shaquille O'neal, who i recruited and have been part of his life those thinks all help so i think all of your experiences in life will help, at least from a credibility standpoint>

Little did Billings know just how good this coach was going to be. In his first year they beat Oregon State....won the conference championship and advaned to the NCAA tournament. Consider this In Carse's first 11-years at msub the jackets home record stood at 142-10 best among any school in the nation. His teams lived and died by the three tossing up 28-per game and once scored 141-points against Alaska anchorage. In 13-seasons four conference titles 211-wins second most behind legendary Mike Harkins. Carse would go on to coach at Hardin Simmons and now is happily retired in billings. Craig this week's throwback Thursday.