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BIA officer-involved shooting protocol

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While Billings has seen several officer involved shootings, the most recent one in the state of Montana, happened on Crow Reservation. Since the shooting involved a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer and occurred on the reservation, the investigation is now federal.

KULR-8 reached out to numerous offices about the protocol for federal officers who are involved in shootings.

First, KULR-8 contacted the local FBI office in Billings. That office was not able to comment and referred us to the regional office in Salt Lake City. That office, also, could not comment and referred us back to the Rocky Mountain Region BIA office. We went to the office and requested a copy of the policies and procedures for police involved shootings. That officer could not provide any documents and referred us to the national office in Washington D.C. So far, our request there has not been answered.

KULR-8 has also reached out to Senator Tester and Senator Daines to try and move the request forward.

In addition to understand the policy and procedure for investigating a BIA officer involved shootings, KULR-8 is working to determine whether or not the officer in question was equipped with a body camera.

KULR-8 is also keeping track of the number of officer involved shootings throughout the years. The data below comes from the police involved shooting database compiled by the Washington Post.

Nationally: 327 fatal police involved shootings across the country
Montana: 4 fatal police involved shootings (This matches the 4-year low reported in 2015)

Montana recorded 6 fatal officer involved shootings in 2017, and 5 in 2016.

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