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Solar Panel Plant

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If you live in the Electric City, you might be seeing a few changes not only to the landscape, but possibly your electric bill.

30 of the 112 acre land along Bootlegger Trail has just been approved by the Cascade County Zoning Board to be made into a photovoltaic solar power generation facility. Otherwise known as a solar power plant.

The new source of energy will be contracted through Pacific Northwest Solar Company and produce as much as 3 megawatts of alternating currents of renewable energy! 

How will this affect your electric bill? The good news is, it won't!

Butch Larcombe, a spokesman at Northwestern Energy, says they are legally required to buy energy from the new energy source, but there are 2 reasons why you shouldn’t be worried about any change in your power bill. 

First, the electric rates are determined by the Montana Public Service Commission. In order for the rate to change, Northwestern Energy would have to apply for the change and have it approved by the commission. 

Second, the solar plant is a small energy source, therefore it will have a small impact. 

According to the Pacific Northwest Solar Company, construction could be done as early as the end of 2018  The plant will be in operation for a minimum of 40 years, after which, it will return to the pre-constructed grassland it currently is.