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Crime and Safety

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Crime has been on the rise over the past few weeks in Great Falls and has caused many of us to ask the same question, "How do I stay safe?"

Whether you’re simply walking to your car or taking your kids to the park, you want to have that feeling of security.  And that feeling starts…with you.

According to Sheriff Bob Edwards, community involvement is key to having a safe neighborhood. Reporting any suspicious activity, even if you’re unsure, goes a long way to preventing crime.

Another layer of security is knowing how to defend yourself in a bad situation. According to Don Johnson, fitness trainer and self- defense instructor at Peak Fitness it doesn't take a black belt and years of experience to do this. 

"One is taking the eyes away from an individual. If you can’t see, the fight’s over. We’re talking about kneeing someone in the groin area;  that’s another good target as well. Another one is just, there’s little crystals in our ears that can knock someone out literally and mess with their equilibrium. If you come up and smack them alongside the ears like that there, that’s going to give you an escape route."

Our busy lives make us complacent, causing us to get sucked into our work, school, phones, etc and become oblivious to the world around us.

Criminals are opportunists, meaning if they see that you’re occupied, they’ll take advantage of it. Your best defense is to not give them that chance by being more observant and vigilant of your surroundings. 

It's always a good idea to make sure you’re locking all of your doors and windows as well, both at home and on the roads.