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Glacier's popular bear cam shut down for spring

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Much to the dismay of bear cam binge watchers, Glacier National Park has shut down it's popular bear webcam for the spring.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Glacier National Park said, "The webcam was very popular online but has become increasing popular in-person as well. It's time we give the bear some space and allow him to move around without any additional pressure from people."

Glacier first noticed the bear on March 23. A webcam was placed several hundred feet away from the cottonwood tree the bear was using as a den. The zoom lens gave thousands of webcam watchers around the country the opportunity to watch the bear come out of hibernation.

The black bear became an overnight animal celebrity. Viewers got to watch the bear sleep, walk around the tree, eat snow and even answer the age old-question, does a bear...? You know the rest...

This week the camera captured squirrels darting around the bear's den, a sure sign that spring has arrived and the bear would be on the move. 

Glacier National Park did offer additional webcam viewing opportunities from other national parks. Denali National Park will offer a puppy cam when the next litter of sled dog pups is born. 

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