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Test results back for YMCA meth contamination

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MISSOULA - Test results are back from the YMCA Learning Center daycare which closed this week after an employee was allegedly caught using meth on-site.

The YMCA released the results from Water Rights, Inc. The results show that fewer spaces in the daycare are contaminated than experts originally thought.

Most of the classrooms for children ages infant to 5 are considered clear of any contamination.

Other rooms, including the laundry room, offices, employee bathroom, kitchen and pantry, did show detectible meth levels and will require abatement.

From the YMCA:

Dear Families, 

We have received a phone call from Water Rights Inc. the company we hired to test the Learning Center.   Lee Yelin, the owner has reported to us that the lab results are in and there is some positive news. 

Please see the table below:

Please note that all classrooms have tested clear.  We know that the infant classroom had one positive instant test on Tuesday.  I have had an extensive conversation with Tiffany Ott, the Industrial Hygiene Consultant Supervisor for Montana DLI.  Tiffany has explained to me that instant tests show results for areas/surfaces that test a level of .05 or higher.   The lab confirmed that the there was a positive sample for the infant class room registering at .019, but according to DEQ standards this is considered clear.  

We know that according to DEQ standards we will need to move forward with abatement and professional cleaning of multiple "staff only" spaces.  In addition, we feel it is necessary to have the entire building, regardless of "non-detect" results professionally cleaned by a licensed meth contractor. 

What does this mean for our timeline? We will receive the official lab results and report by Water Rights Inc. by the end of business today.  We will then work on Monday to obtain 3 bids from licensed contractors.  We would hope to begin the clean up process sometime mid next week and anticipate the clean up to take at least 2 weeks.  

Once the facility is cleaned it will need to be re-tested, certified, inspected by the health department and then finally inspected and approved by licensing.  We are estimating that this will take a full 30 days if not more.  We will work as fast as we can to get the building ready, but want to ensure that we have taken every measure possible to ensure the building is safe. 

We will continue to offer care at the YMCA main campus and will work as a staff team to try and create  

I am attaching guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup guidelines that were provided to me by Tiffany Ott.  This guide has a lot of information regarding clean up and laundering of clothing etc.  The Y will follow this guide when dealing with any personal items at the LC.   We recommend that parents read this and use it as a guide to clean anything that they think may have any level of contamination. 

We are in communication with many professionals and professional agencies to try and arrange a day/time to have an open forum for all parents to come and hear from professionals and have an opportunity to ask questions and get guidance.

The Y continues to encourage families to seek medical advice and/or arrange testing at First Step for children.  Our primary concern continues to be the health and well-being of all children. 

We will make follow up calls this evening to ensure all families have received this information.  

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