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MSUB students react to the Montana Democrat Congressional Primary Debate

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The Montana Democratic Congressional Debate was held Thursday night. The candidates are hoping to unseat Republican Greg Gianforte.

The debate was held at the Babcock Theater in Downtown Billings, and dozens of people showed up to watch. A half a dozen Democrats debated critical issues facing Montana and the country, including healthcare, agriculture, and public lands.

"I care very much about public lands. I was born in Montana. I'm from Terry, Montana so just having that access and making sure that it is our top priority is most important to me," Vice president of MSU-B College Democrats Halle Keltner said.

The event was hosted by MSU-Billings College Democrats, and consequently many of the those in the audience were MSU-B students.

"I think just a big goal is informing the voters and that's what we did here tonight and I hope that's what we do in the future," President of the MSU-B College Democrats Cody McCracken said.

So, in the view of some students, which candidate stood out the most.

"I was very impressed with John Heenan. He's also from Billings so he is the candidate that I was most exposed to," Keltner said.

"I did like John Heenan's answer on healthcare," student Lauren Harshman said. "Medicaid is what everyone strives for, so lowering the age, making that accessible, is kind of important."

"That is a tough one," advisor of MSUB Tyler Bradley said. "That is a really tough one. I know Heenan has a really big following, but all the candidates honestly brought some really great things to the table."

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