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Neighbors react to officer involved shooting

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An officer involved shooting incident started with a domestic disturbance call on Yellowstone Avenue this morning.

A woman reported to police a man was banging on her door and windows just before 1 a.m.

That man was her ex-husband.

Several neighbors tell KULR-8 they are shocked at the incident, 

They report this street is generally quiet and family friendly.

Many of the neighbors said they are familiar with the suspect and describe him as someone who was troublesome.

One local lady who has lived in the neighborhood for 9 years said she is still in disbelief at what happened.

She asked for her identity to be kept off camera.

"My husband looked out and saw some patrol cars but they weren't as frantic. It was more of a quiet search where, there weren't any lights flashing or anything," she said. I never dreamed that the crime rate would be brought to this street, to this block because this block is one of the most quiet blocks I have ever seen and to hear this is happening is crazy."

Again police did identify the suspect as the ex-husband of a woman who lives on this street and while neighbors believe they know who that person is we are respecting the wishes of the police department and withholding that person's name at this time.

This is a developing story, the suspect's name will be released once the coroner's office has made a positive I.D. and family members are notified.


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