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City Council votes on agenda items important to future of Billings

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It's an important night for some of the items on the agenda at the Billings City Council meeting.

City Council did not start like usual Monday night. Instead, the council opened the podium up for public comment on any of the items on the agenda.

The hot topic of Monday night was the approval of the One Big Sky Memorandum of Understanding that includes a one hundred thousand general fund payment.

Dozens of people attended the meeting tonight. Many of which wanted their voices to be heard about the One Big Sky Center project.  One man wanted the $100,000 general fund payment to be approved because he thinks One Big Sky can contribute to Billings. Another man said he thinks a wonderful, downtown district could benefit this city.

But not all of the comments were positive. One man stated he thought cutting business tax over approving One Big Sky would be better for the economy. Another said he's against the contribution, not the project. City council approved the Memorandum of Understanding late Monday night.

Other items on the agenda were the agreement and purchase of 15 workstations for the new 911 facility, estimating to about $222 thousand dollars. City Council approved. Another item that was approved is an ordinance that allows the Billings Police Department technology surcharge on all citations and complaints, criminal and traffic, to fund the electronic citations project.

Earlier, KULR-8 discussed road improvements on Central Avenue between 32nd Street and Shiloh Road estimating to more than 5 million dollars. That item was up for voting today and has also been approved.

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