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City council approves construction on Central Avenue this summer

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The city of Billings is preparing for some major road construction this summer. The city plans to widen Central Avenue from 2 to 5 lanes.

Construction is expected to start May and run through October. Road improvements will begin on Central Avenue between 32nd Street West and Shiloh Road. This will include two travel lanes in each direction, sidewalks, traffic signal improvements on Central and 32nd Street West, and roundabouts on Central and 36th Street West and on Central and 38th Street West.

"It's probably going to cause a lot of people to be upset because a lot of people use Central Avenue to get to work and wherever else they want to go," one lady traveling along Central Avenue said.

Colin Moran is a resident where construction will take place. He said Central Avenue is a busy street as well as an access point to many businesses and homes.

"I think it'll be tough for a lot of people to get access to the different areas around here," Moran said."I know there's physical therapy places, banks, home storages and also for the people that live right off the street like we do. It'll be hard for us to kind of navigate to our homes."

Moran said even though construction on Central Avenue will be tough for a few months, it will be worth it.

"I see a lot of traffic, living here," Moran said. "It gets backed up quite a bit so opening it to a five-lane street will allow more people to flow easier and I think just doing that will help reduce traffic jams and accidents in this area."

City council voted Monday night in approval of granting a contractor to begin work on Central Avenue road improvements in the amount of more than 5 million dollars. The source of this project's funding is through gas tax, arterial fees, sanitary sewer, water, and property owner assessments.

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