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MSU Billings continues its 50th Annual Powwow

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Montana state university billings continues their 50th Annual Powwow this weekend.

The two day event features a variety of Native American nations from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho as well as Canada.

The celebration brings together over 1,000 people from all different backgrounds. 

The event shines a light on Native American culture and longstanding ritual.

Around 500 dancers compete for cash prizes  and the event is open to the public.

Those in attendance today said dancing is not just's a way of life.

"It's really traditional and something I enjoy and to be out here with all the kids," said Mylon Blacksmith.

His favorite part?

"The music, probably the music, it's pretty cool. I like the way it sounds, it's suppose to represent a heartbeat," adds Blacksmith.

The rhythmic  music syncs everyone to dance center stage in colorful attire and customary headdresses.

Alyssa Gets Down is the only one in her family who dances and says it's an honor to maintain her culture.

"Being out here and dancing with everyone is a great experience because you meet new people," said Gets Down. "At this powwow it's for the alumni and 
we honor them, we honor our elders and it's just a great experience."

The event is expected to wrap up today with a winners ceremony at midnight.

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