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Pro-gun rally attracts dozens in Billings

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A pro-gun rally brought together roughly 200 people in the Magic city.

The rally takes place just two weeks after the march for lives event.

Gun advocates gathered in the James F. Battin courtyard as various guest speakers ranging from high school students to gun owners made their voices heard in an effort to secure their firearm rights.

Those in attendance today at the pro gun rally tell KULR-8 it's all about educating the public on the 2nd amendment and protecting their rights.

Terry Hintz said taking a stand today is important to show justice to the 2nd amendment.

"What we have to do is come together and bring people together to understand that guns save more lives than take lives and not only that but to provide
yourself with the ability to protect yourself in whatever situation it may be," said Hintz. "You know take in consideration of the sport, the hunting aspect of it. They always say you don't need this for hunting but it's not about needs, it's about rights."

Chrysta Myers came to the pro gun rally with her husband and told KULR-8 guns don't kill people; people kill people with whatever weapon they have regardless if it's a gun or not.

"You're taking it away from the law abiding citizens and the people who use them right and who are responsible and respectful gun owners and you're supplying the criminals," said Myers. "You know if someone wants to hurt someone they're going to find a way to hurt someone."

Mitchell Miller says his gun is the best form of protection.

"They need to realize if they take the 2nd amendment away or try to take our guns, we're not going to have any way to help each other, ourselves or our families," said Miller.


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