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Former New Mexico Governor educates public on energy development

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An energy conference in Billings features a keynote speaker who's a former heavy hitter in politics and the energy industry.  

The conference focused on the future of coal and energy expansion in Montana.

According to the Burton Wheeler Center, a non partisan, issues oriented think tank; in 2016 Montana received $54 million in severance taxes for coal production.

However, energy and employment production is steadily declining. 

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson served as the U.S secretary of energy under President Bill Clinton.

Richardson's remarks were focused on social and economic issues affecting energy production in the west.

He wants people to know the global dynamics and technological shifts in the coal industry are growing faster than ever.

"You know the power sector is changing quickly and the fact is in many parts of the country utilities can build and operate new renewable storage gas
facilities for less money," said Richardson. "I think we have to focus on technology, market issues and on research."

Richardson said with Montana's advancing employment and growing demands, it's important to follow up with these economic transitions. 

Aside from educating the public about energy development, he also sits on several nonprofit boards including the World Resources Institute 

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