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Billings Police Department discusses street racing within the city limits

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An alleged street race was caught on camera by a KULR-8 viewer Tuesday evening. We brought you that story Wednesday night. Two drivers were caught on camera allegedly street racing on 19th and Broadwater Avenue Tuesday evening.

KULR-8 spoke with Lieutenant Neil Lawrence with the Billings Police Department who said the department is aware that street racing does occur within the city, but is not an epidemic. He said if you hear or see any kind of street racing, notify the police with the specific location. He also said if drivers are caught street racing, you can be charged with reckless driving, traffic violations, and possible criminal endangerment.

Lieutenant Lawrence explained more on what you should do if you see or hear street racing.

Throughout the winter, summer, fall, spring - all the time," Lt. Lawrence said. "Conducting enforcement all over the city. If somebody has an issue or certain area of town where they think this racing is going on or they just have traffic violators or speeders in their neighborhoods, they can certainly notify the police department. We'll notify our S.T.E.P officers and they will certainly follow up on those complaints."

Lieutenant Lawrence said one of the drivers caught on camera Tuesday night allegedly street racing was arrested for wreckless driving, as well as driving without insurance. As for the other driver who lost control of the vehicle, Lieutenant Lawrence said if you know who that driver is, he asks that you contact the police department.

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