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Big Air Bash to benefit the Chase a Dream Foundation

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If your family loves extreme sports, you might want to listen to this: Big Air Bash is an extreme sports action event that is coming this Saturday and it's all to benefit the Chase a Dream Foundation.

Motorcycles revving, sprinting, and jumping more than 40 feet in the air. Snow mobiles flipping in ways you've never seen before! This is the action that awaits you this Saturday at Big Air Bash, but the adrenaline is just part of what this event it about. It's also a way to honor the memory of a very special little boy.

Brittany and Bryce Barnhart remember their son, Chase.

"He loved monster trucks, he loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Hotel Transylvania," Brittany said.

Chase was three years old when he passed away from a liver cancer called hepatoblastoma cancer. Chase's parents wanted to take him to Disneyland as his one last wish.

"Once we realized that he wouldn't be able to go see Disney because he wasn't capable of going due to medical reasons, we wanted Disney to be brought to him," Brittany said.

That's how the Chase a Dream Foundation took flight. Tyler Johnson is the owner of Octane Addictions Incorporated and has nurtured the foundation to blossom.

"I think our final direction was to see how these terminally ill children have a hero," Johnson said.

Johnson said the Bernhart's inspired the Big Air Bash to become a reality with more than 49 extreme sports medalists participating in the event. The proceeds will benefit the Chase a Dream Foundation.

"Our goal is to just give back," Johnson said. "We have an amazing community in Billings and this got offered to go other places with the talent that we have coming. There's nowhere in the world we would've had it other than here."

The gates will open at 6:30 p.m. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. The Barn harts said these kinds of events to benefit the foundation will continue as long as it possibly can so Chase will never be forgotten.

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