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Out-of-State RMC Recruits Getting Used to Snow

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It may be April in Montana, but there is still snow on the ground. Snowfall this time of year is nothing new for those who have lived in Montana their whole lives or even for a few years. SWX caught up with some Rocky Mountain College football players who are not from the Treasure State.

Darneail Jenkins, a senior at RMC, is from Bay Point, California. He said he thought about quitting football while still in California. That's when RMC called. Jenkins explained one reason that really set RMC apart from other schools was the family vibe he got. "Everything is like a family type thing, ya know. I feel like, family is huge to me because I never really had a huge family back home that supported me through whatever I wanted to do, but I came to Rocky and everybody was always supportive, always motivating, always pushing me to do my best," Jenkins explained.

Kendell Jefferson is also a senior at RMC. He came from Pasadena. His reasoning for the long travel to Montana was because of Head Coach Jason Petrino. "He was more concerned about the well-being of me being a better man than just being a football player," explained Jefferson.

While the two Battlin' Bears are used to sunshine and beaches the majority of the year, they both explained that they really do like the snow. "I definitely miss the warm weather but I adapt well to any environments that I have been in. And, I like to snowboard so I've just been having a blast in the mountains up here," Jefferson said. "It's good to get a new experience, and come somewhere else and just live out here for a couple years, or if not, for the rest of my life. The beach is fun, but I'd rather be somewhere else," Jenkins said.

As for RMC's head coach, Petrino thinks it is great to get guys from across the country to attend RMC. "It's like a pot of gumbo. It's one of those things, you've got a little bit of everything. You've got small 6 and 8 man football. You've got Class B, Class AA, all sorts of kids on our roster from Montana. You've got Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and then you get your California, your warmer states, Georgia, stuff like that."

When it comes to the future, Jenkins and Jefferson said there are reasons why they would stay around Montana a little longer. "It's beautiful, it's always nice. It has all four seasons, so that's what I like the most about it," explained Jenkins. "I would want to coach here because I feel like the kids out here don't have as much exposure to the techniques and skills sets we have back home in California, so I could give them that flavor," Jefferson said.