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Remembering artist Lyndon Pomeroy

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Deen Pomeroy Deen Pomeroy

A prominent artist in the Billings community is remembered for his unique artwork and humble personality.

Lyndon Pomeroy passed away on March 27th, 2018. 

Lyndon Pomeroy was known for his passion and creativity he displayed in his sculptures and now has artwork all over Billings, western Montana and all over the world.

"When he started, which was in the early 60's there was nobody in Montana making a living doing steel sculptures," said Deen Pomeroy, one of Lyndon Pomeroy's son. "There was very few people in Montana at all doing art at all."

Deen says for his father to quit teaching and work on art full time was a huge risk....a risk which paid off with a little bit of guidance.

"There was a spiritual monkey on his back that helped him do this and it was a presence. When he was first aware of the presence and he was doing sculptures, it scared the heck out of him," he adds. "it was that inner action relationship with him and the steel and sometimes the monkey on his back."

Deen says the things his father loved impacted his work and how he was as a person.

"Those were the big influences on his life, his bride, children, flying and his sculptures and not in any particular order and it was more important to him that he did these pieces than make a whole bunch of money," said Deen. "Like I said there's a story about a struggling artist and well he was a struggling artist."

With so many lives touched, Deen says the community outreach is amazing.

"I will miss him," adds Deen. "I'm very proud of him and what he accomplished."

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