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Woman diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri seeks help from community

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KULR-8 brings you an update on woman we spoke to almost one year ago.
Heiser was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, meaning she has too much spinal fluid in her body. The community came together to help out financially and the family needs help once more.
Last year, Jessica Heiser underwent surgery so doctors can insert a hardware in the back of her head. At the end of this month, Heiser will be undergoing another surgery because doctors now want to take it out.
"I remember I was in a lot of pain," Heiser said.
That was Jessica Heiser before she had her surgery in April of 2017. Now, she's expecting to undergo another surgery for her medical condition called pseudotumor cerebri.
"The surgeons decided to tell me that in order to fix my sensitivities, they were going to have to extend incision and shave my head," Heiser said.
Once Heiser discovered she will have to go bald, Heiser decided to go bold.
"If I'm losing my hair, I'm doing something fun with it."
A friend offered to do the exact hairstyle and color Heiser wanted, but there is one problem she hasn't been able to solve.
Heiser and her husband searched around Billings for places that donate wigs for after the surgery when she will be bald, but they were unsuccessful.
They found organizations that only donate wigs to cancer patients. Heiser said she feels disappointed.
"Not everybody that loses their hair has cancer."
Even though she hasn't had luck, Jessica said she isn't giving up hope.
"Is there anything you tell yourself everyday?" KULR-8's Briana Monte said.
"Don't give up," Heiser replied.
Heiser will undergo surgery in Billings on April 20th and if you would like to donate money, her go fund me account is https://www.gofundme.com/life-changing-brain-surgery-needed

According to Jessica Heiser, the surgery from last year was pineal cyst removal, which included a craniotomy and at that time, doctors put in hardware to hold the craniotomy bone flap in place.

The surgery coming up on April 20th is to remove the hardware, which also includes a plastic surgeon to help with the reconstruction of Heiser's scalp. The pseudo tumor cerebri diagnosis, is what Heiser was first diagnosed with, but has extended to more issues.

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