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2nd grade class donates over $250 for ZooMontana Otters

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We've been following the progress of the fab four otter pups at ZooMontana for about a month.

ZooMontana Director Jeff Ewelt said they're growing bigger every day and hitting some major milestones. 

ZooMontana is proud of their otters and how far the fab four have come but they are consuming a lot of food which costs a lot of money.

Most of the funds for the otters are coming from donations so one second grade class decided they wanted to help out.

Mrs. Hucks second grade class held a bake sale for the fab four and raised over $250.

With their donation, they also sent a pretty sweet letter.

In the letter, the students talk about their love for the zoo and some of their favorite animals.

They also said that their bake sale was a huge success and they hope their donation will help the otter pups.

Mrs. Huck said her class came up with the bake sale as a part of their Wonders, a reading series, essential question for the week: "What do good citizens do?"

She said the students worked very hard all week getting permission from their principal, advertising, and visiting classrooms to spread the word.

Mrs. Huck said the fundraiser went off without a hitch on Friday thanks to all of the parent support throughout the week.

Once the bake sale was over the students wrote their opinion letter and sent it in with their donation finishing their project said, Mrs. Huck.

Ewelt said he and his staff were so touched to receive the letter and donation.

He said one of the otter keepers even cried.

In describing his otter keepers he said "When they see the support from the community, these notes from the kids that say they want to help it means the world to them. To the point, it's quite emotional for them because they know how much everyone cares about these otters so they want to make sure they're doing the best job they can as well."

Ewelt said the Zoo has received more than ten thousand dollars in donations so far.

He said the best way to donate is by becoming an official Zoo member but you can also mail in donations or bring them by ZooMontana during operating hours.

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