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Montana Brewing Company celebrates their 1 millionth pint

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After brewing beer for almost 7 years, head brewer Gregg "heavy G" Layman from Montana Brewing company just brewed their 1 millionth pint!

He never thought he would see the day where he would get to brew his 1 millionth pint.

In fact, Layman tells me he never anticipated becoming a brewer, stumbling into the business 6 and half years ago. 

"The recession prompted me to pursue some other career option, having been a customer here of the Montana Brewing Company for 20 years, I just happened to be in the right position at the time to get assistant brewer," said Layman.

He was able to work his way up to head brewer and the rest is history.

"I've been chugging away ever since and that's kind of the moment," Layman adds. "The moment is my 500th batch so I've made 500 batches of beer and that equates to about a million pints.

In celebration of their one millionth pint, Montana Brewing Company is giving everyone in the building a free beer from 4-6 p.m. valid only March 21st, 2018.

"It's kind of like a customer appreciation, because you can't make beer unless it has somewhere to go right?" said Layman.

Layman says making beer is all in a hard day's work and hope to surpass this achievement.

"Sure seems like more than 500 batches to me but I don't know, you just wake up and go to work everyday and one day you'll find yourself to 500 batches and hope to get to a 1000," Layman said.


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