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Rocky Mountain Opens Spring Football Camp

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For the players, spring football is exciting because they get to get back on the field. For coaches it's exciting for other reasons.

"I think the teaching," said Rocky Mountain head football coach Jason Petrino. "Everybody loves the games on Saturdays, but really it's the teaching. It's getting into it, whether it's footwork, scheme, seeing kids have that light bulb go on, that's the exciting part for sure."

Over the next month it's not just the coaches who will be teaching, but the players as well. As last year's graduating class moves on the newest crop of seniors will be taking a little extra time during spring camp to show the underclassmen the ropes.

"In fall there's a scout team, so the younger players go on the scout teams," said Rocky Mountain senior runningback Mason Melby. "Here now everybody is basically competing for that same spot so it gives us a chance to show these younger guys how to do drills."

"We just want to fine tune what we're good at, what we're bad at," said Rocky Mountain senior defensive back Keenan Fagan. "It's a good opportunity to get those young guys in there. I get to do a lot of coaching, which is fun for me, and it's all about leading by example."

All this brotherly love is to be expected on the opening day of camp, but there's still plenty of extracurricular action going on in between drills.

"It gets really competitive, I mean the offense is on this side of the field, defense is on that side of the field, and we're chirping at each other all day," said Melby.

"It's always fun to see the coaches get after it, it's always fun to chirp on the sidelines, but at the end of the day we're all brothers, we're all family, we all walk off the field holding hands or hanging out or whatever. It's just competition man, it just comes with the sport."

With 14 more practices on the docket before summer, we'll be sure to hear a whole lot more chirping as the Battlin' Bears look to improve upon a team that finished 6-5 last fall.