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Lindsey Wilson college women's basketball team show #teamPaycee support

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For the ladies of Lindsey Wilson College women's basketball team, they say hard work and teamwork are motivating factors to get them prepared for NAIA.

However, one factor stands out from all the rest and that's their support for their sponsor's granddaughter: Paycee Whitford. 

Jeff Walters sponsored Lindsey Wilson College in 2017, but when his granddaughter Payce was diagnosed with osteocarcoma late last year, he was unaware of the impact she made on the team. 

"From that point when these girls and this coaching staff found out about that, they rallied around her and have been so supportive that we knew coming into this year's tournament, there were no other options than to be involved with these girls from lindsey wilson college," said Jeff Walters.

The girls sport #TeamPaycee sweatshirts to show their unity and support, citing Paycee as their biggest cheerleader and number one fan.

"Everytime, we step out on that floor, everytime we go get rebound, after a 50/50 ball, after every shot we take that for her," said Jynea Harris.

She even wrote team Paycee on her sneakers.

"I have them on both sides of my sneakers," Harris adds. "I wrote team Paycee to let her know that when I go out there all my hard work is towards her."

"Her grandfather said she's going to be watching the game on her laptop two days after her surgery and that's big for us and that means everything," said Kayla Styles. "So, we're going to try to do this for her."

"You know we're out here, competing for you," adds head coach John Wethington. "It's very important that you get well and you're bouncing back quickly and we'll be following you from here on out."

Paycee is recovering from surgery in a Denver hospital, her grandfather Jeff Walters said the support from Lindsey Wilson College women's basketball team has been tremendous and considers the team as part of his family

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