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Visit Billings hosts NAIA dinner event

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Thirty-two women's basketball teams from around the country are all here in the Magic City and they all shared dinner under one roof.

Tuesday night was the night before the NAIA Women's Basketball Championship begins. Visit Billings hosted a dinner event for all of the teams participating. It was a night of fun times for basketball players visiting Billings.

"It's always so fun to come out here," Mickey Head, a Martin Methodist player, said.

"The music is very vivacious," Erin Freeman, another Martin Methodist player, said.

"We try to make it as normal as you can, but it's hard to do because there's so much going on," Montana Western Coach Lindsay Woolley said. "But our kids certainly enjoy it."

Ladies got to enjoy meals, meet other teams, and even danced a little. Since their stay, players have been able to enjoy the beauty of Billings.

"The players really like to walk around downtown and see all the restaurants and see all the buildings down there," Oklahoma City University Coach Bo Overton said. "We live in Oklahoma, there's no mountains so when you can look out and see mountains on a beautiful day like it was today, it's something they'll never forget."

National championship defender, Daniela Galindo, said this dinner helps with some nerves they might have the night before championship games.

"There's a bit of nerves, but it's more excitement than anything else," Galindo said. "We're excited to be back at the tournament, we're excited about the competition, the teams, and so we're ready to go."

Some of the coaches said they'll be making sure their teams leave early before the dinner ends to make sure that their teams get a good night's rest for Wednesday's championship games.

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