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Public Works turns their focus to spring flooding

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Billings has seen more than 80 inches of snow this winter and Public Works has been hard at work trying to clear the snow from the roads in both commercial and residential areas.

Now, Public Works has their focus on spring flooding.

As snow piles up, plow trucks will come by and push the snow off the roads and towards the sidewalks, creating berms. As springtime nears and the snow begins to melt, it causes some trouble with drainage.

David Mumford is the Public Works director and said the department will be working on clearing the storm drains throughout the city. He said this year was the first time Public Works plowed in residential areas and clearing drains will be a bit more difficult. He also said when snow melts, the water needs to run into those storm drains to prevent flooding.

Mumford asks for billings residents to keep this in mind.

"We're going to have to be asking folks to help us out by trying to chip away at the backside of some of those berms that are out there so the water has a place to go," Mumford said. "But we'll also be working to try to free up all storm drain inlets and such."

Berms are raised barriers that separate two areas. In this case, it's the snow on the sides of the roads caused by plowing.

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