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Concerns raised about ambulance service in Laurel

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LAUREL, Mont. -

There are new concerns being raised when it comes to the ambulance service and Laurel and the time it takes to get to the scene for emergency calls.

People in Laurel are saying there are times when their ambulance comes slow or when their call is not answered.

"They cited some recent cases in which the ambulance service in Laurel was not able to meet the needs and the lengthy response times", Bruce McGee, Council Member, City of Laurel, says.

Sometimes ambulances from other communities come to the scene when a Laurel ambulance does not have the staff.  The lack of staff is where Bruce McGee, City Council member says the problem lies.
"When a call comes in, the call is put out for staffing of the ambulance, and that can be done through the combination of volunteers that are on the ambulance crews and fire drivers on the fire department," McGee says.  "The city is growing, it has a large abundance of calls, more calls than it actually can handle and that's why some of these calls are going unanswered."

He says this has this lack of staff for the ambulance service has been an issue in Laurel for years. In 2015 the city put out a mill levy on a ballot that would have provided more ambulance staff.  Voters did not pass it.

According to McGee, Mayor, Tom Nelson, told concerned community members this issue "will be addressed."

The monthly Laurel emergency services meeting where community issues like this are talked about will be Monday, March 26 at City Hall.

We reached out to the Laurel ambulance department and have not yet received a statement.