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Survey reveals arming school staff results from the community

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It's a debate that has raged within the Cody community since January - should school employees be allowed to carry firearms in the school?

At the first meeting, many people in attendance stood up in opposition to the proposal. Then, the Parkland High School shooting happened, causing school board members to take a second look at the proposal.

Thursday night, the school board will once again meet on the topic and this time, they have more information how about the community, as a whole, feels about the issue.

2,400 copies were distributed. As of this morning, just over 42 percent of the surveys were returned. The survey results are broken into 5 categories: community, parents, employees, other, and multiple. 'Multiple' represents survey respondents that fit more than one category such as a parent who is also a teacher.

Of those in the community that responded, 74 percent are in favor of adopting the policy, allowing school staff members to be armed. Of the parents who responded, 51 percent supported the policy and 68 percent of employees also supported the policy.

The school system has determined that the survey is 90% reliable and if the survey were repeated, there's a reason to believe that the results would be within 5% of what was returned.

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