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Child alleges he was almost abducted in Livingston

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Authorities are on alert Wednesday night after an attempted kidnapping was reported in Livingston.

KULR-8 first got wind of the news on social media when Shanna Berg, the mother of an 11-year-old boy, posted on Facebook her child was almost abducted. The post warns parents to be aware and gives detail about what happened to Shanna Berg's son.

Berg said her son was walking home Tuesday evening from Livingston's public library when a man tried to grab and drag him, then kidnap him. She said her son was taught what to do when he came across a stranger and kicked and screamed. He was able to run home afterwards and Berg called the police immediately.

Livingston Police Chief Dale Johnson said the police department has stepped up their patrol efforts around school zones and other areas where children are around. He said this is a great opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about strangers and what to do if they encounter someone they do not know.

"If children can travel in groups, that makes life a whole lot easier and less apt to become victimized," Chief Johnson said.

"He's shaken up," Berg said. "He's scared to go outside, which is huge for him because he's a big outdoors kid. He is attending school, but is staying indoors after school right now."

The man who attempted to kidnap the 11-year-old boy is believed to be a white male in his early 30's with a tan or dark complexion and a flame tattoo on his wrist. The man may be driving a black Nissan or Audi car.

If you think you might know the suspect or have seen someone that matches that description, you are asked to call the Livingston Police Department at 406-222-2050.

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