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Fueling your gas tank before it's empty can save you money

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We've certainly seen higher gas prices, but regardless of how much it costs to fill the tank many people choose to wait as long as possible before filling up.

Most of us want to save money at the pump instead of driving miles away.

However, waiting until your gas tank is nearly empty before fueling up can cost you more than you think.

Your car's gauge relies on a variety of factors, including your car's fuel economy and how you drive.

Driving regularly with low fuel can have long-term consequences, leading to costly repairs and irreversible damage.
General manager Brian Hoiland from Staley's Tires and Automotive said it's better to fuel up now than to pay the price later or risk getting stranded.

"If you run it to the point where you run out gas and you're running down the road in highway speeds, you've instantly damaged your catalytic converter system," said Hoiland. "The less expensive ones go around $600 to $650 and upwards to $1,800 to $2,000 on some vehicles. So it's pretty important to keep fueling the car instead of running out."

According to AAA, the company responded to 57,083 calls for roadside assistance in Montana in 2017. 

Of those calls, 997 were for fuel delivery. 

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