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Potholes can cause severe tire damage

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As Public Works prepares to fill potholes this weekend, drivers should still be vigilant while on the road.

Hitting potholes can cause severe damage to car tires, suspension and wheels.

Staley's Tires and Automotive oversee dozens of cars a day, with 3 or 4 of those vehicles with pothole damages near springtime. 

"Well, what we see from the potholes is damage to wheels, damage to tires, the sidewalls get damaged on the low profile tires," said Staley's general manager Brian Hoiland. "So you hit that pothole, it crushes the tire against the rim and splits the tire wide open."

When driving, Hoiland said to be aware of your surroundings. 

While it is best to avoid potholes completely, Hoiland recommends one simple tip if you can't avoid one.

"Drive slower, that's one thing that'll help you," adds Hoiland. "So, if you're able to go slow enough to go through it slowly you're not going to have the damage, but if you put the weight of the vehicle on speeds 35 and up and hit a pothole, you're gonna damage something."

The average repair for potholes can be costly, depending on your car model and maintenance. 

The good news?

Hoiland says following a few simple tips can help you minimize any vehicle damage.

"The biggest preventative thing you can do when you have hit a pothole and you realize it, it shook the steering wheel violently when you hit it and you know there was significant impact, take it in," said Hoiland  "Get the alignment checked. You're going to save money, you'll save money on tires and you'll get better life out of your tires."

Remember just because you can't see the damage, doesn't mean it's not there. 

So, if you do drive over a pothole and your car feels off, Hoiland advises to make sure you get it checked out.

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