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Public Works finishes residential plowing for the season

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Now that the Magic City is seeing warmer weather. KULR-8 has word from the Public Works Department they will no longer be plowing in residential areas. Instead, the department said they're going to let the sun take care of it. What's more, due to the heavy snowfall in Billings, the Public Works Department said they used all of the money allocated for plowing.

We spoke with Public Works Director, Dave Mumford, who said there is 500-miles worth of roadway for residential plowing. That's almost equivalent to driving to Denver, Colorado.

Mumford explained Public Works has exceeded the residential funding that was approved by Billings City Council. He said the council approved $400,000 for residential areas. But, he said if there were to be another winter storm, they would pull money out of reserve funding and plow. He also said the department has gone slightly over budget by 30 thousand dollars but they will be fine.

"The public worries that if something happens, they'll say something like 'Oh, they're out of money and they're just going to leave us hanging,' Mumford said. "The reality is we would never do that. We will always make sure that the public is taken care of and is safe on the streets."

Mumford adds this was the first year Public Works has plowed in residential areas so they will have a better feel for how to approach next winter's plowing. He said he may speak with council about future planning but feels this season went rather well in regards to clearing snow after winter storms.

Mumford said the department now has to get ready for spring flooding and he asks residents to help out by chipping away the backside of berms so the water has a place to go.

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