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Heart attack survivor recovers with medical exercise program

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You've heard every second counts in a health emergency like a heart attack or stroke.

Heart attack survivor Ron Meyer can attest to that.

He says going to the doctor immediately, saved his life.

Daily chores in the morning is routine for Ron Meyer, but one morning he felt something in chest which threw him off schedule.

"It triggered saying something's there, something's not right. So, we drove into town and the closer we got the worse it got," said Meyer. "I walked in and told the receptionist I think you better get me a doctor or nurse, I'm having a heart attack." 

Meyer says to trust your gut instinct if you feel something is wrong.

"I was pretty lucky, I recognized the signs from t.v. and just you know reading in magazines of what they are," adds Meyer. "So, I guess when you feel something's not right, check it out. Don't just ignore it."

Mandy Frickel, a lead nurse at St. Vincent cardiac rehabilitation center has been keeping close watch on Meyer.

She assists patients in the medical exercise program.

"When he first started and I put him on the elliptical, he gave me the eye about it," laughs Meyer. "He started at 2 minutes on there and now he goes to town, he does 15 minutes and even 20 minutes. So it's amazing to see that progression." 

Months after enrolling in the medical exercise program at St. Vincent, Meyer says he's been in better shape than he's even been and has made some major lifestyle changes.

"Right now, I'm doing thirty to thirty five minutes of cardio three days a week and weights," said Meyer. "So, I'm probably in better shape than I've been in the last 25 years."

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