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5-year-old braves the weather and sells hot cocoa for a cause

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A local youngster put his entrepreneurship skills to work Saturday and raised money for the newborn otters at the Montana Zoo.

5-year-old Liam put up a hot cocoa stand on Saturday, while it was snowing, and sold 147 dollars worth of hot cocoa.

Kristin Colloton said she saw a post about the newborn otters on social media and how ZooMontana needs help to take care of them. She said she and Liam sprung into action and discussed setting up a hot chocolate stand.

When Saturday morning arrived, she said they realized it was snowing, but Liam wanted to sell hot cocoa anyway. So Kristin and Liam made signs, pulled out their umbrellas, and braved the snow.

Colloton said caring for the community comes naturally to her. KULR-8 also asked Liam how he was able to sell hot cocoa while it was snowing.

"We kept wiping off our table and we had our hot cocoa under our umbrellas," Liam said.

"We just wanted to spread the kindness and I think people seeing him out there were generous," Colloton said. "Hopefully, people watching this can spread kindness as well."

Liam and his mother went to ZooMontana later that day and gave all of the proceeds towards the baby otters. Colloton said Liam asked to see the baby otters, but couldn't because they are still newborn.

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