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City of Billings doesn't want you to move snow

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The City of Billings does not want you clearing those snow piles in the street in front of your house.

Some residents are concerned with the piles and wanted to know what the Public Works Department plans on doing.

The weather is starting to warm up which means these huge piles of snow will eventually melt but if they're covering storm drains then the melted snow will have nowhere to go and that is what has some residents concerned.

One KULR-8 viewer reached out to us about the situation saying the storm drains near her house are blocked with snow causing standing water in front of her driveway.

Deputy Public Works Director, Vern Heisler, said they know about the problem and said ponding is a common occurrence with melting snow.

He said residents need to remember that residential plowing doesn't include removal so with this extremely snowy winter season big piles are bound to happen.

Vern did say their subcontractors do go back through and try to clear the storm drains in areas close to ponds or rivers but they aren't clearing any of the storm drains in low flood areas.

It's important to note: The City does not want you to clear the storm drains near your house and here's why: " Well one thing, When we have people working in our roads in the city right of way there's a lot of things that can go wrong. There's a lot of damage that can happen. That's why when we have contractors that work in our right of way for our projects and things there's a certain level of bonding required, there's a certain level of insurance required because it is easy to do damage to curbs and asphalt."

Vern said even though there have been some issues because of how bad this winter has been most of the response about residential plowing has been positive. 

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