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Students discuss the importance of the walkout and march next month

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Students all across the country are banding together to fight for change within schools. This includes students from the Billings area.

Student organizer, Nathalie Wagler of Billings West High School said the march occurring on March 24th, is not about changing gun laws.

"Our goal isn't to ban guns," Wagler said. "Our goal is to make sure that our schools are protected because, at this point, we don't really have anything in place to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future. Our mission is to demand legislation that protects and prepares schools and students against gun violence."

Wagler said a little over 110 students from different schools in School District 2 are participating in the march, as well as the walk out occurring on March 14th.

As for Central Catholic High School, Wagler said they have not reached out to the students because the school is private. President of the Billings Catholic Schools, Shaun Harrington, said Central has something else in mind.

"Our response will probably be much more measured and in one with the mission of our vision in Billings Catholic Schools," Harrington said. "We've talked about having a 17-minute period of silence at the school or a 17-minute prayer session."

Student organizer, Clara Bentler, of Billings Senior High School said the student-run march and walk-out will hopefully spark a change, no matter the size of impact.

"I think in all my years of school, we've never done an active shooter drill. We do standard lockdowns, which means the teacher locks the door and continues teaching. That will not be efficient enough in the case that there is an active shooter."

KULR-8 also reached out to Laurel High School. The principal said she is not aware of any planned demonstrations, but she wouldn't be surprised if that changes.

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