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MSU Billings hosts merit badge university

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Boy Scouts of America hosts their annual merit badge workshop at Montana State University Billings.

Merit badge university is a one day workshop which motivates the scouts to explore interest and careers through hands on learning.

Boy scout Conner Fallat has a busy day ahead of him. 

"I like chemistry because i like science a lot. I'm really interested in science and robotics and stuff," said Fallat. "So I want to learn more about that and get a merit badge for it. I was thinking of being a robotic engineer or a scientist."

Obtaining some merit badges require a lot of preparation, with some classes lasting a few hours to all day long.

Boy scout John Ming's favorite part of earning a merit badge is the discovery process.

 "Today I'm doing railroad and radio," said Ming. "What makes it exciting is those tidbits of information that you didn't know that you find interesting."

The boy scouts said earning merit badges teaches them independence, patience and determination.

"You have to do hard work and put effort into it and you always have to be ready for anything," adds Fallat.

Event organizer Chris Robertson tells KULR-8 over 200 boy scouts participated in today's event and is hopeful for more troops to join them next year. 

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