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Fur Trap Workshop teaches pet owners hands on safety

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According to Footloose Montana, the treasure state's public lands should be enjoyed by all.

However, concealed traps cause injury and death for family pets each year.

That's why Footloose Montana is educating pet owners on what to look for to avoid traps. 

A public workshop held earlier today at the Billings public library showcased hands on practice to release traps, deliver first aid and what to carry with you to save your pet. 

Dave Pauli from the Humane Society of the United States wants pet owners to be vigilant when outdoors.

"First of all they don't realize there are a number of threats out there, there's not just traps that will pinch their paws," said Pauli. "There's traps there that will strangulate them, there's traps that could crush their skull and so they need to recognize those things are out there and how to avoid those."

Footloose Montana reports traps are hard to monitor and reporting of traps are completely voluntary

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