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RMC Cheerleader Not Just a Part of the Squad

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The Rocky Mountain Cheerleading team is good at getting fans riled up at football and basketball games. With their stunting and cheers, the team says they still need a little bit of encouragement here and there. One cheerleader does just that. Aspyn Schnetter is not just part of the squad, she is also a solid cheerleader for her teammates. "She is like our own little cheerleader. when we're stunting, she's always there cheering us on," said senior Battlin' Bear Emma Constantine. Megan Swanson, a junior at RMC, told KULR-8, “She's just there giving us a thumbs up whenever we hit something or whenever something doesn't hit. She's just there cheering us on."

Head cheerleading coach, Stacey Sorge, said while Aspyn may not stunt with the team, she does know every single cheer and dance. "Aspyn actually didn't do any dancing in high school and I told her parents if she wants to be on the team she has to know all of the cheers and all of the dances. I'm not going to treat her any differently. And she can, she can do all of them, and we have a ton of both. So, she rises to the occasion and it's good for the other girls to realize, okay we need to step up our game too."

Another good thing for Coach Sorge and Aspyn's teammates is her outlook on life. Coach Sorge explained, "She helps me when I get kind of wound up with things and get upset. She helps me realize, okay everything is fine, this is just cheerleading. Calm down. They're here for fun, so you need to have fun too. So, she's amazing. She's really been a blessing and I think she's really grounded some of the girls too and made them very humble and realize what's important." Swanson also noted there's never a bad day with Aspyn. She said, “It helps encourage all of us that there's not a bad day. Something could go wrong, but there's still stuff to be happy about and encouraged about."