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Seafood in Billings

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Seafood might not be what you think of when you think Montana.. But some are working to change that.

There's a way to get seafood shipped from the Pacific Northwest to Billings and learn how to prepare it.

Wild caught Dungeness crab from Washington and sockeye salmon, and shrimp can now be delivered to your door in Billings.  In the near future "Billings Seafood Guys" will expand it throughout Montana.
They're also showing you how to prepare it for your family.

"One thing that I've noticed is a lot of people are intimidated by seafood, and that's really because they might not have that awareness of how to cook it, how to prepare it..."

Dungeness crab for example has just a few steps to prepare," Jon Wanderaas, Owner, Billings Seafood Guys, says.

"Pull this stuff out of the freezer, you get about a half inch of water, boiling in a pot, which takes about a minute, two minutes, and then you're just steaming this crab for seven, eight minutes.  You might put a few little dashes of salt in there, but that's it."

Jon says you want your crab to have a bright orange color, like this.

"Billings Seafood Guys" plan on bringing their wild seafood farmer's markets all over Montana, this summer.

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