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SD2 addresses school threats

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It's the kind of message that causes your palms to go clammy, your brow to sweat and your heart to beat furiously...the threat someone may be bringing a gun into your school.

Unfortunately, in the days since the fatal shooting of 17 people in Florida last week, these threats are appearing in communities across the country.

In Belgrade, students had to shelter-in-place at Belgrade high school after chatter emerged of a child "possibly bringing a gun to school."

The school was locked down and parents were not allowed to pick up children while the threat was investigated.

The threat was determined not to be credible.

Similar threats emerged on social media pages in Billings last night. 

Those messages were quickly determined to be a hoax.

KULR-8 first became aware of the threats thanks to news tips sent to us on Facebook.

KULR-8 immediately contacted SD2 superintendent Terry Bouck and Police Chief Rich St. John and within 90 minutes they were able to report that the messages were in fact a hoax.

Classes were held at both Skyview and Senior high school without incident.

Billings police were more present than usual to help offer some peace of mind to students and parents.

Superintendent Terry Bouck joined us on Wake Up Montana this morning.

He tells us the investigation into the threat found that the message was being circulated at random all across the country and parents say they appreciate the rapid response.

"So, we're doing the right thing," said Superintendent Terry Bouck. "We have to make sure that whenever we have threats we determine and ascertain whether or not they're valid. Even if they are not, we need to have precautionary measures."

"It is scary," adds parent Brandy Hand. "We have a lot of things going on with school shootings and things like that, but the fact that they brought it to everybody's attention, let us know where they were at with it. I think all of us as parents as a consensus, you can't live by fear."

Again, SD2 wants parents to understand that these social media threats are a nationwide issue and they were not specifically targets at Billings public schools.

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