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Billings Fire Department discusses how they perform assisted breathing for pets

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In the event of a structure fire, firefighters check to see if there are any pets inside the building such as cats or dogs. If they do find that a pet needs help breathing, they will administer oxygen via pet mask.

Captain Chelsea Thompson with the Billings Fire Department said every fire engine has an oxygen kit for babies, young children, or pets. She says the kit comes with 3 mask sizes and a tube that will attach to an oxygen tank. She also says the mask will typically be placed on the noses of animals.

Captain Thompson said there might be some difficulty putting the masks on because dogs, and especially cats, don't like it.

KULR-8 asked her if she had any tips for pet owners on handling pets during a structure fire.

"Our biggest tip to homeowners and kids is to let us worry about the pets," Capt. Thompson said. "Their biggest job to us is to get themselves and their family out. Kids tend to worry about their animals. Our biggest advice to them is let us go in and do that and save them."

Captain Thompson adds they understand these pets are important to pet owners and will do everything they can to make sure these pets are kept safe.

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