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Red Lodge Mountain Sees Great Ski Season

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Photo Courtesy: Cary Gubler / MGN Photo Courtesy: Cary Gubler / MGN
RED LODGE, Mont. -

A ski lift that malfunctioned at Red Lodge Mountain on Saturday, is not stopping visitors from snowboarding and skiing today. Despite the hiccup over the weekend, Saturday was the busiest day of the year for the resort. Jeff Schmidt, the Red Lodge Mountain manager, explained that the incident appeared to be a perfect storm, "That weight and loading and timing, and it came out of the wheels and went onto what's called a cable catcher to prevent it from flying up and then there's a switch on there that it hit that stopped the lift immediately." The good news was that the lift was repaired in an under an hour, but the resort decided to keep it closed, just to be sure. Schmidt told KULR-8 that the lift shutdown was a challenge, but said visitors were understanding. "We gave everybody that was on the lift a ticket to come back another day and any other folks that were unhappy, we took care of them."

Schmidt said that Saturday turned out about 2,200 skiers and snowboarders. He called Saturday their busiest day of the year. He also said this ski season has been the busiest in three years. While Monday did not see as many visitors on the slopes, snowboarders and skiers from Montana as well as other states say they will definitely be back at Red Lodge. Cole Schmoyer, who's a 12-year-old from Georgia said Red Lodge was his first time snowboarding, "I love Red Lodge. I think the staff is awesome. We had a trainer or a coach the very first day. He was really cool to us. They do a good job of grooming it. I thought all of the trails were really good. It was awesome."

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