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Action Trackchair provides full mobility

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Imagine having full mobility in a wheelchair, but the Action Trackchair is more than that. 

"My husband was paralyzed in 1998 in a car accident and his dad just saw the need to be able to get him outside and others outside so with the background of ATV's," said Swenson. "He just knew tracks on a wheel chair would be the way to do it so he started in 2008. That was the year he started producing and figuring things out and it's come a long way since then."

Ten years later, over 3,000 track chairs have been sold across the United States and it comes with variety of accessories.

"It has a fishing rod holder, a gun rack, a mount for the back to carry stuff for your family."

I decided to take it out for spin outside and the snow was no match for the Action Trackchair.

One of the most unique features about the chair is the tilt option, allowing you to go forward and backward.

Swenson says the Action Trackchair has, forever, changed her husband's life.

"Camping, he loved it, but it wasn't fun," adds Swenson. "He would just sit and depend on others and it enables him just to do it on his own, rather than having to ask someone else to do it for him. It's a life changer for the simple things."

For more information on the Action Trackchair, Jana Swenson will be at the Montana-Agri Trade Expo located at Metrapark on February 15th, 16th and 17th.

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