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Things to do to help get a big tax refund back

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There are a few key things, single mother and full time student charmayne healy did that helped her get around $10,000 back on her federal tax return.
That child tax credit for each of Charmayne's two young sons, plus education credit and earned income tax credit joined forces to make a difference for Charmayne and her sons.
"Being a single mother, especially of two little boys, ages three and six, can be very challenging, Charmayne Healy, Client, Vita, says.  "So, being able to pay ahead on bills, rents and being able to pay my car payments is a huge help."

Families that make $50,000 or less a year can get their taxes done for free from "VITA".  
Volunteers at the IRS program, encourage good record-keeping to help with tax refunds.  Do you own a small business or want to deduct business expenses?

"Those are things that require receipts, education expenses for books, laptops, things like that, Scott Gorman, Site Manager, VITA, says.  The more verification of those items that you have, the better chances we have to use that to your advantage, to get refundable credits." 

Receipts from big life events like the birth of a child, a wedding or a divorce can also affect your tax refund.

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