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Glass recycling pilot program in Billings

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Across the state of Montana--it can be hard to find places to recycle glass.
but that could soon change for the magic city.

Rocky Mountain College students came to scrap for a competition they're in, which involves finding something self-sustaining and skill-building in a community.

The students are looking at how glass recycling could evolve if it can help with needs of issues in the state, like the closure of plants in Colstrip, the lack of hired hands at the Laurel train station and the highway infrastructure situation going on in throughout the state.

Since scrap creative art center has started collecting glass they're seeing a passion grow for recycling.
"People have even come into the store and had tears in their eyes, because it's like, "wow", you know?  "We're recycling," David McCauley, Develop and Program director, SCRaP, says.  Ok, so we know this is going to happen, we're just trying to get in front of it and find a good way to get people interested and excited about what everybody else does normally."

The Rocky Mountain College students are currently investigating putting crushed glass into sand for sidewalks or road repairs in Montana.

The goal scrap and the students are working on is to take glass recycling propositions to city councils throughout the state, to someday have glass recycling centers all over Montana that pay you for recycled glass.

if you would like to recycle glass SCRaP they ask that you call or email first
.  You can call (406)670-5566 or send an email to