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Cleanup underway after flood at St. Francis School

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Just after 3 Saturday afternoon, the Billings Fire Department and the City of Billings Water Utility workers responded to reports of a flood at St. Francis School.

According to Billings Battalion Chief Ed Regele, a neighbor reported the flooding.
He says it's not yet apparent what caused it, but it doesn't seem to be related to the cold weather.
The Fire Department shut off the water supply to the school and did what they could to help clear the water out of the building.
Regele said there was a significant amount of flooding throughout the building with several inches of water in the gym, cafeteria, and multiple classrooms.
Members of the cleanup crew from SERVPRO of Billings said they patched the area of the pipe that burst, and cleanup is underway.

"There are some contents in the music room that had four or five feet of standing water in it so they're concerned about some of the musical instruments, piano's saxophones, stuff like that. We're hoping we can save that. We're really trying to save this gym floor. The school is only six months old so it's kind of a catastrophe for them. So we'll see what we can do."

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