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Protect yourself from becoming snow blind

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You normally wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, so why not do the same in the winter?

Photokeratitis or snow blindness can occur when you're snowboarding, or at higher altitudes, where the sun's uv rays are stronger.

It happens when reflective surfaces allow for UV light to bounce off the ground which reflects into our eyes. 

Long periods of exposure can cause significant harm. 

"That harm can drastically decrease vision, cause pain and irritation and redness to the front surface to the eye and it'll make at least a few days of discomfort," said Dr. Shawn Lebsock.

Not only can you become sun blind without snow, but it can happen without sunlight too.

"hat white surface is more reflective than any other surface and that's going to make it all the more reason to have eye protection on, especially sunglasses that have a little more of a wrap to them to protect them from those glares," adds Dr. Lebsock.

By the time you start feeling the symptoms Dr. Lebsock said it's already too late, prevention is key.

"Take your sunglasses with you, take your goggles with you," said Dr. Lebsock. "Wear them even if you don't think you need to just to prevent further complications that can arise."

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