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State employee quits over ICE policy

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A Montana Department of Labor employee announced on Wednesday that he was quitting in protest of officials who "hunt down" undocumented workers.

In a series of tweets, Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts said he put in his notice at the department because he'd been asked to help prepare information for ICE officials to use in finding undocumented workers. 

"It would have been my responsibility to prepare the information and hand them off to ICE," Dyrdahl-Roberts wrote. "I refuse to aid in the breaking up of families. I refuse to just 'follow orders.' This isn’t an easy decision as it puts me in a delicate financial position."

Dyrdahl-Roberts said he's worried about being able to support his family, but couldn't ethically stay in a position that required him to cooperate with ICE. He referenced the Trump administration's anti-immigration policies.

In response, the Montana Department of Labor says it routinely provides employment data to government agencies, including Homeland Security, but doesn't do so very often. The department responded to three subpoenas for employment data in 2017, 3 in 2016, 4 in 2015 and 4 in 2014.

"The Department is in communication with Jordon and it's our understanding his decision to resign is purely based on his personal opposition to the federal administration's rhetoric on immigration," said department spokesman Jake Troyer. "Jordon's involvement in the process of responding to subpoenas was limited to assisting attorneys with processing requests."

Dyrdahl-Roberts also said anyone who supported him could donate to him via PayPal while he looks for a new job; he later posted that donors had been extremely generous, and said anyone who still wants to support him should donate to disaster-stricken communities in Puerto Rico or Flint, Michigan.

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