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Billings Police Department K9 Kooko Trains for Narcotics

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The Billings Police Department has been busy with their K9 unit.

Along with continuing narcotic and patrol training with their 2 dogs, they're working on getting 2 more.

The Billings Police Department has had a K9 unit since 1996.

They currently only have 2 dogs though and 1 of those dogs is being trained to search for narcotics for the traffic unit.

Kooko had been with BPD for 4 years and is switching from a dual purpose dog to a single purpose, narcotics.

Lt. Brian Korell said, "Crime continues to rise the drug issues associated with it are always increasing."

He said the program has to adapt to keep up with the types of crime happening across the city.

Kooko's narcotics training will benefit the traffic division in Billings.

Lt. Korell said last year the traffic division, which consists of 4 officers, had over 200 drug investigations.

The training boards are the fundamentals of narcotics training for both Kooko and Cuff.

Lt. Korell said they place an odor behind the board and the dog will have to find and indicate that a narcotic has been found.

If correct they will receive a toy which Handlers Adams and Gilmore said is the ultimate treat for them.

Lt. Korell said, "These handlers are going to spend more time with these dogs than they do with their families because the dogs are at home, the dogs come to work, you know it's a real bond and especially when you have some situations where you and the dog do something really cool. It's very exciting, it's a wonderful feeling."

Cuff and Kooko will be joined by 2 new dual purpose K9s in the beginning of June.

Lt. Korell says each dog costs about $15,000 so they're doing a little fundraising.

You can support the K9 unit by dropping off donations at city hall.


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