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City Council listens to public comment on the One Big Sky Center project

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The Billings City Council met Monday night and on the agenda was the One Big Sky Center Project.

Members from the Big Sky Economic Development once again stood in front of City Council to give an update on the timing and finances of the Big Sky Center Project. But for the first time, City Council allowed public comment.

A few Billings residents stood up to speak. One of those people questioned why Billings was being compared to towns like Allentown in Pennsylvania rather than a much closer and populous town such as Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Kevin Nelson was not happy about the center being placed in Downtown Billings. He asked the council if they would reconsider relocating the convention center to the West End. He also stated there are statistics suggesting Billings is going backwards economically.

Nelson said there are still some opportunities out there to consider that will "bear some fruit".

John Brewer with the Billings Chamber of Commerce replied to one of the questions saying they compare towns such as Allentown, Pennsylvania to Billings because there are cities that are good role models for the Magic City when it comes to development and growth.

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