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Super 8 Plays of the Week 2/5

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Number 8: Billings Central's Liam Clancy hits the half court shot after the buzzer versus Miles City.

Number 7: Billings Central's Joe Byorth pushes the ball forward for the bucket while falling down versus Miles City.

Number 6: West's Jace Rhodes gets the upset of Bozeman's Keegan Mulhill in the Eastern AA wrestling divisonals.

Number 5: Billings Central's Zoie Althoff scores seven unanswered points in the fourth quarter to give the Rams a win over Hardin.

Number 4: Carroll's Bailey Pasta makes the half court three point shot versus Providence.

Number 3: Montana's Taylor Goligoski hits the game winning shot with 1.9 seconds left versus North Dakota.

Number 2: Montana State's Hannah Caudill gets her 444th career assist, the most ever in Montana State history.

Number 1: Hellgate's Rollie Worster hits the shot from the opposite three point line versus Capital.